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I am Tim. For the last 20 years I've been writing and recording my own music at home and have recorded several bands (including my own) using less-than-pro equipment, but still coming out with decent results. No, it's not analog lol. A lot of people will tell you that going to a pro studio allows you access to "secrets" of the trade that others can't possibly know, but the truth is that those "secrets" are simply really expensive equipment coupled with years of trial and error. I have plenty of the latter. If you're a signed band looking to put out a full length album and go on tour then yes ... go to a pro studio. However, if you're just looking for a decent demo or you're having trouble forming a full band, but still want to record your music anyway then continue reading...

What I charge will be based on what the project is. I'm not going to charge by the hour, but I'm not spending 30 hours on something for $100 either ... so planning ahead as to what you want and how you want it is key. Every recording is different and what you get out of it is ENTIRELY dependent on what you put into it ... recording engineers are not magic and can not work miracles. That means new strings, new heads, and above all PRACTICE ... it saves a lot of time.

* I can record live drums, but I also have a full copy of Superior Drummer 2.0 with the Progressive Foundry and have gotten very good at using it when writing my own songs. Therefore, if you're one of the dozens of bands in Rochester that can't find a drummer, but still want to record and/or play your songs, I can help you.

* I can record live amps, but I also have a full copy of Guitar Rig 4 (am getting 5 soon) and we can create virtually any sound you want for guitar and bass.

Below are several examples of recordings I've done. Please email with any questions.

Superior Drummer with GR4:




Live Drums & Amp Models:


Live Drums & Amps:

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