Lost/Stolen Dog (Mumford)

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Shelli Silvarole has made a post admitting to stealing my dog and making sure I no longer have access to my service dog. She’s posted lies about my dog on social media and now is withholding my dog from me. Most likely rehomed in another state which is ok I have reach in other states as well. I will find my dog. She is microchipped to me and any vet that runs the chip will see she’s been listed as stolen. Nobody can keep my dog from me. I have all her paperwork and my neurologist paperwork recognizing her as my service dog. As a service animal ADA law states she can not have the dog removed. The vet would also testify in her health and well being and that she did not come across as abused by me. The letter she posted in her fb post my mother never received and my mother has ALL her paperwork which does not include this letter. Now it’s time to sue both her Kristen and Dakota for my service dog.

This is a long shot but I’m desperate:

My dog Loba was temporarily rehome after my moms slumlord “daughter” attempted to poison my dog with pesticides and no notice of spraying. Threats to unalive my dog who was recognized as my service dog by my neurologist were made by this psycho. I made an agreement with someone I thought was a friend to me. When I moved I would get my dog back. I moved a few months later and realized he blocked me at some point on social media and by phone. I’ve been looking for answers on my dog since. She was microchipped, spayed and UTD on shots when placed with Dakota Porteus. He has told multiple people multiple lies as to what happened to my dog. Then told some people to help him rehome her. I’m simply looking for my dog and answers to her whereabouts. In a perfect world I want my dog back. However, I don’t see that happening if someone has her and has been taking care of her. She is my world though. And I’ll never stop looking for her. She literally saved my life. Please if you have any answers on my girls whereabouts or what he may have done to her please let me know. I appreciate any help I can get. Thank you.

She went missing in Hamlin but may be anywhere in Upstate NY.

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