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You ARE on this list...& probably proud of it!? (Crush these a-holes) pic

Put welfare to work

55 re. re. re. Wayne cops 55 (Chili)

35 sure is gooood 35 (deep in Muhammads paradise) pic

C U Next Tuesday (wife) pic

Morons who keep Updating BS posts

14 as long as there's lots of bourbon 14 (I'll Be There) pic

boy posters pic

Boy surely have no lives. (Moronic/disabled) pic

Re, Holy stupid posts (Roch.)

re fat ugly pigs

RE:Waste Management disposal is to expensive

Holy stupid posts pic

Windjammer's Rocks! Poster is a disgruntled jerk


joe stupidcuntz writes

Waste Management disposal is to expensive

00110100 00111000 00110101 pic

re WCSD pic

re wayne county sherrif (?? ville)


Congratulations... (485) pic

2: "SOCIETY - 40" pic

Idiots all...

re Police Blotter for Eastside

Shame Ted O'brien Shame running false adds!!!!!! (Your not Fooling anyone!!!!) pic

Davercea Fort. And his mamma (Da hood)

32 romeos was a dump 32 (greece)

re ass nasty candy pic

re mrs cande

2 Los, Los erville, and whatever else (basement) pic

news of the day

Friday special (what a joke) (charlotte,ny)

re Stay Away from Expert Sealers (greece)

Please BOYCOTT NASTYSHOTS & charles little jr (DANSVILLE ) pic

RE: Ebola Vaccines (Rochester)

Re: Whoooppeee pic

Hey, I am young and its all avbout ME pic

61 woooppeee 61 (where else)


Inepitocracy (New York)

RE...Ebola vaccines in brighton (WHO Knows) pic

35 RE -ROMEO'S RESTAURANT 35 (hilton)

2 LOS... pic

Jury questionnaire question (14607)

Romeo's is closed?!?!? (Ridgeway/Long Pond)

55 The Sampson option 55 (earth)

28 Best for place for a massage 28 (therapeutic)

Wow! Were really a Big Jehovah man Now! (NUNDA)

Ebola virus , FEMA camps & the master "plan" (My Dreams) pic

Who doesn't like a little "toot" now & then ? (not in the navy!) pic

Last Year in Office for Sandra Doorley

Serious question for all here on R & R

Oh those republiCANTS...Still losing... (BLUE York) pic

Re: Dwi Dui

Re;Need A Grief Therapist (rochester ny)

re- expert sealers

spoken by a republiCON! Wait...what's moss? (LOLZ) pic


9 hodeehoho 9 (in pair a dice) pic

Need A Grief Therapist (rochester ny)

Americans are so gentle pic

Christmas tune

40 Why do they post 40 pic

300 Re: Charlotte/windjammers/biggest loser bar 300 (Hilton) pic

I can fix new york !!!!!!! (everywhere)

how lovelyyyyyyyyyy

Jackson Guns & Ammo. USA chapter For the People by the People 2014 (Henrietta NY) pic

59 Dear Democart, once again your clouding the real issues 59 (The Truth must Hurt) pic

Expert Sealers (ExpertSealersSucksDick)

Expert Sealers (greece)

re New York State Tax payers wakie wakie 43, dollar refund, Beware!!!!

35 Rant= New Pitsford Massage therapist 35 (under Therapeutic)

59 New York State Tax payers wakie wakie 43 dollar refund, Beware!!!!!!! 59 (Tappen Zee Bridge Project) pic

re: Nude house cleaning (Rochester)

Is Rochester the next Detroit?Who is James Craig? (*****USA*****) pic

re: Seniors AGAINST ass whore ino (New York) (rochester)

heres the BOOGEYMAN! Get yer Guns! ( LMFAO) pic

Police Blotter for Eastside

47 Windjammers 47 (Charlotte)

re: explain the difference (rochester)

More trash of ER

What goes around, comes around (R & R) pic

41 Charlotte/windjammers/biggest loser bar 41 (Charlotte)

police cameras

26 Someone to move out of Rochester with me? 26 (ROC) pic

Your the driver, but what are you driving? pic

31 RE: trash of east rochester and macedon 31 (Rochester)

67 No Body Cameras 67 (Rants and Raves)

Need help finding a good lawyer (any)

hey greg wycamp u scared

28 Driver with Ohio Plates at Ellison Park 28 (Ellison Park)

Rochester (New York) pic

48 I need new appliances! Store Suggestions! 48 (North greece)

35 The Sports Crush 35 (the studio) pic

Heard storys about ebola vaccines to (City)

Truth about Ronald McDonald Sale (Pittsford)

Autumn Rae Fastrac (Ontario)

Never will be a nice place! ( the past IS gone!) pic

How will God get even with his church? pic

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displaying ... of 842 postings<<101 - 200 of 842