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99 Brown'sRaders 99 pic


40 10 Times! BURN THIS BITCH DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 40 (Victor,NY)

Petition to Sign - Lovely Resign!!! (Rochester )

19 re:Take a Break 19 (Pittsford) pic

What's wrong with the back of Al Sharpton's head?

Wintonaire (winton rd)


23 Michael Brown Rally After party 23 (WINTONAIRE)

Mayor Warren (city of roch)


I'm white and Will attend Liberty Pole Protest ( Whites vs. racists) pic

69 City and rpd 69 (city) pic

67 The mayor's comment 67 (Rants an Raves)

mayors lame response

62 SUE THE CITY/ LOVELY 62 (Rochester)


52 LMAO!!! How True is this? 52 (EVERYWHERE) pic

58 St. Jude 58 (Heaven)

The good old days. pic

Mrs Lovely Warren (City)

Waaa Haa Haaa! (Flower City) pic

God Loves & Protects Dave Brodie 4 Eternity ( 666 ?-Ha Ha !) pic

Michael Brown rally

So glad I don't live in the city. pic

Liberty Pole this Sunday at 1 p.m (my azz) pic

64 Upset With Reaction To Mayor's Reaction To Ferguson 64 (Rochester )

Thank you St. Jude (Webster, Ny)

Image of REAL Dave Brodie (bekkas bedroom) pic

62 HEY LOVELY/ASHAMED! 62 (Rochester)

stupid is stupid ms mayor

M.Brown Headquarters? (Wintonaire)


Lovely Warren Facebook Statement

88 Damn shame Mike Brown ain't around still. 88 (Ferguson)

Thanks to the J Off who hit my car (lehigh station rd) pic

Buffalo, who gives a shit

(Re) Too Old and not the right race... (rochester)

100 the stupidity is obvious 100 (loaf of slacker wheat) pic

I never knew

Boy shot and killed by the PO-leece

59 To old and not the right race 59

D&C Identifies Rochester's & NYS's Biggest Problem

12 Year old, shot by police in Cleveland

re Just say NO to shopping (you're an idiot)

Real Dave Brodie. Man tits and clogs (bekka's bedroom)

The new bus station

37 Re: Sharpton a gay pedophile 37 (Rochester)

Just say NO to shopping on Thanksgiving (Rochester area)

What do they fear? What DO they fear ? pic

To the piece of shit in beat blue pick up truck (Kendall Rt 18 by Transit Rd)

did you vote? pic

44 Re: Churcher guy 44 (Rochester)

RE: Early snowblowers pic

RE: Question-what does a Honky Fear Most...? ( ENVY)

❆❅❄❄Time to... (4:00AM.) pic

85 Proud Black American Tells It Straight 85

RE-20/20 Your Vision into the near future. (America We the PEOPLE***) pic

The problem (rochester) pic

20/20 Your Vision into the near future. (everywhere) pic

RE: none of you use your name...Dave does!

59 Recalled or Defective items Check on line first 59 (Rochester, NY) pic

59 Thank You Craigslist for all the FREE adds 59 (Rochester NY) pic

Ferguson (nogville)

Justice in Ferguson, MO. (Lets see what happens) pic

45 ALERT! PARKING TICKET SCAM! 45 (Rochester) pic

jealousy (everywhere)

RE: If you want to know the real problem in America today, here tis' 2

47 Sharpton pedophile? 47 (Rochester)

55 BEWARE of Henrietta Animal Hospital 55 (3156 East Henrietta Road, Henrietta, NY) pic

238 If you want to know the real problem in America today, here tis' 238 (Rochester NY)


Our Accidental Incident - m4w (Anywhere)

Thanks WHAM news

RE: I hate stickers. Sucks

Spencerport Schools (Spencerport)

sjfc (pittsford)

I hate stickers. Sucks (rocheater)

34 penfield hots 34 (penfield)

❄❅❆❅❄❅❄ (R & R) pic

Thank you for all the cards & letters (my driveway ) pic

10 woooppeee 10 (go there) pic

none of you use your name...Dave does! pic

32 slipknot/korn fan 32 (rochester)

ridge rd. (rochester)

Food Stamps (USA)

RE : Ihatestickers, technotic media, stick no evil

55 Beware of LP Appliance 55 (Charlotte)

snow blowing and plowing early

Ihatestickers, technotic media, stick no evil (webster/Rochester)

Cowards live on craigs list using aliases(Dave Brodie-QUEEN) (bedroom) pic

Macaulay Culkin (morph) pic

55 Re. re. is it Memorex 55 (Roch.)

re fell boifriends - 9999 (WTF ?) pic

666 aliums 666

9999 re fell boifriends 9999

Re: Is it Memorex? pic

color not important--Jealousy obvious! (My City) pic

I find it funny, how people complain! (rochester ny)

RE:Inepitocracy (New York) (here and now)

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